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Crazy Monster in love.


Crazy Monster in love.

My Spirit Animals: Daria Morgendorffer.

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“No one wants to be the person who is made fun of for caring too much about something, who treats in earnest a situation that everyone else considers absurd. Even in personal relationships, feeling too heavily invested while simultaneously understanding that the other person couldn’t be more detached is one of the most profound feelings of embarrassment we can experience. Because it isn’t simply the embarrassment of making a mistake or a poor choice, it’s a shame over the kind of human being you are and how you see the world around you. To be shamed for your sincerity is to be reminded that you are dependent on something which is not dependent on you — that you are, once again, vulnerable.”
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Why is this so adorable

Gay lions, guys

It’s a gay pride.

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Brittany S. Pierce

↳ Mentioning animals

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“When I was in college, a teacher once said that all women live by a ‘rape schedule.’ I was baffled by the term, but as she went on to explain, I got really freaked out. Because I realized that I knew exactly what she was talking about. And you do too. Because of their constant fear of rape (conscious or not), women do things throughout the day to protect themselves. Whether it’s carrying our keys in our hands as we walk home, locking our car doors as soon as we get in, or not walking down certain streets, we take precautions. While taking precautions is certainly not a bad idea, the fact that certain things women do are so ingrained into our daily routines is truly disturbing. It’s essentially like living in a prison - all the time. We can’t assume that we’re safe anywhere: not on the streets, not in our homes. And we’re so used to feeling unsafe that we don’t even see that there’s something seriously fucked up about it.”
— Jessica Valenti, Full Frontal Feminism (via ikenbot)

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And That’s Why You Always Leave a Note.

Arrested Development: You’re Gonna Get Some Walk-Ons

To celebrate the exciting return of the show, the folks from Arrested Development recently held a contest in which you and your friends could potentially win a walk-on role. So, a few of us greeting card artists put our heads (and pencils) together and whipped up a (fake) mini-line of greeting cards for this contest that anyone can download and print out for free!

It’s super easy! Download the high-res files here. They even come with a dotted line for the fold and should print easily to your basic home printer.

And if you like them, please share them to your heart’s content!

Created by:

Dan Liuzzi

Kathleen Marcotte

Ali Kurzeja     

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